New Pidgeonholes

The latest dispatch of Pidgeonholes is out. According to the editors, the dispatch’s title, “Culaccino,” is not a type of coffee drink.

This is the mark left on a table by a moist glass – evidence of something that was there, good or bad, hot or cold. We are all marked by an experience, a person, a habit. These pieces bear witness to a world that has touched their authors. By affirming these experiences and feelings, these stories and poems are, above all, an act of healing. Walk with us now, down a brighter, if stranger, path.

As with previous dispatches, Pidgeonholes presents a mix of literary and experimental prose and poetry by new and established authors. This one includes new works from a couple of my faves, Christina Dalcher and Ana Prundaru, as well as Marie Conlan, Andrew Davie, Jenelle D’Alessandro, Vivienne Mah, Alex Creece, Nathan Leslie, and Abigail Mitchell.

Check it out here.

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