A Few Things

Some of you who follow me on Twitter may remember that last week, I mentioned that after receiving two rejections in a row, I woke up two days later to find an acceptance in my Inbox.

Now, I can reveal the acceptance came from Five 2 One Magazine, which today published my found poem “Building an Instrument” in #thesideshow. (Read it here.) Nathan Alan Schwartz and the rest of the Five 2 One staff are really cool people, so I’m always excited when they find room for my weird little works (the text of which, by the way, was taken from a magazine article about this band).

Also, for the first time, I was invited to contribute an audio version of one of my works, so that was pretty awesome. I hope to do more of those in the future.

The acceptance wasn’t the only surprise I got from Five 2 One. Last week, they also wrote about the latest issue of WOLVES, which contains two of my poems, in their latest article for F2O LitStyle. What was cool was they not only mentioned me, but they even quoted parts of “The Price Tower.”

Finally, Ink In Thirds published their #FeatureFriday piece on me. I would like to thank Editor-in-Chief Grace Black for inviting me to participate. You can check it out here.

Till next time,


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