Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction


Grandma, Tiny Molecules, July 2019

Heaven/waves crashing (flash and erasure poem), Moonchild Magazine, July 2019

One More Time to Get It Right, Hypnopomp, February 2019

It’s Me, Your Imaginary Friend, Perspectives, January 2019

A Very Metal Christmas, Lit Up, December 2018

Saving Belinda, Lit Up, November 2018

Boomerang, Five 2 One Magazine’s #thesideshow, August 2018

Ella Grace, Bending Genres, August 2018

Thaumatrope, Rhythm & Bones, July 2018

The Anderson Bridge, formercactus, June 2018

Rehabilitation, The Mad River, February 2018

Hide and Seek, Lit Up, December 2017

Missed Turn, Fictive Dream, November 2017

Reflections, Moonchild Magazine, October 2017

After the Sugar Rush, Hollow Issue V, September 2017

Long Lost, Five 2 One Magazine’s #thesideshow, September 2017

Independence Day Party (reprint), After the Pause, September 2017

The Hand Shop, OCCULUM, August 2017

Anthony Burned a Hole in the Rain, Nonsensically Challenged Vol. 1, June 2017

Holes, Tape Hiss, April 2017

Governed by Caprice, Queen Mob’s Tea House, March 2017

Independence Day Party, Glove, February 2017

The Empty Cage, Foliate Oak, November 2016

A Swan’s Memory, Mad Swirl, October 2016

Against the Waves, The Narrative Journal, February 2016

Dolsen’s Dream Comes True, Sick Lit Magazine, December 2015

The Creepy Campground, The Fable Online, October 2015

Gold Star for Robot Boy, Pidgeonholes’ 90s Mixtape Issue, September 2015

Broken Spaceship, Maudlin House, June 2015

Super Villain, Five 2 One Magazine’s #thesideshow, May 2015

The Anatomy of a Bird, tNY Press’s EEEL, February 2015



Speaking in Tongues, Luna Luna Magazine, June 2018

The Twelve Opossums, Ellipsis Zine, July 2017

EA Robinson (feature for 8th Annual NOPOMO 30/30/30), Operating System, April 2019



Golden and The Price Tower (reprints), Defuncted, November 2018

Three Poems, Tiny Flames Press, August 2018

Seven Trumpets, Lit Up, November 2017

The Devil, Unlost Journal, October 2017

Yahoo, I’ve Been Hacked, Low Light Magazine, October 2017

Absent/Between 6 and 8/Final Journey, Tepid Autumn, September 2017

A Pre-Summer Daydream, Lit Up, September 2017

Eleven Questions, Unlost Journal, April 2017

Iconic/Seether, Burning House Press, March 2017

Earth, Waving, Amaryllis, November 2016

Five Poems, Anti-Heroin Chic, November 2016

Micropoetry, Five 2 One’s #thesideshow, November 2016

Martyr, Boston Accent Lit, November 2016

Two Poems, Hand Job Zine, August 2016

Volcano Girl, Up the Staircase Quarterly’s It’s the 90s issue, August 2016

Building an Instrument, Five 2 One’s #thesideshow, July 2016

Golden and The Price Tower, WOLVES, July 2016

TPOTCB, A Prince Tribute: …Only Wanted One Time to See You Laughing (print anthology published by the Yellow Chair Review), June 2016

White, Ink in Thirds, June 2016

First Love, Sick Lit Magazine, May 2016

Not a Friend, Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, April 2016

Long Weekend, Dirty Chai, April 2016

Sucking Lemons, Pidgeonholes’ Aught/Naught Issue, March 2016

Three Poems, Sick Lit Magazine, November 2015

Dust, Unbroken Journal, November 2015

Two Poems, Unlost Journal, July 2015

Wheels of Freedom, Unbroken Journal, published May 2015